Interesting pictures:intense observation

Dearest Odyssians,


To really see what’s going on sometimes you have to change perspective.


Amazing nature landscapes: a place called hope

Dearest odyssians,


We hope you enjoy this highly interesting scifi illustration. A)it looks real.  B)what’s the guy or gal or alien doing in the pic? C)the name of the art is “planet of hope”. Why do you suppose? D&E) based on the name, How far is it from Earth? Is there bacardi silver there?
“Personally,  id settle for gold.  It is outer space, if you hadnt noticed.”-odie
“Hardly the case, oh wise sphynx.  That’s precisely why they better stock double and pay us triple.  Ain’t nobody got time for that (gold rum). And they best let us wash it all back with some real genuine American style Coca Cola. Or mutiny!!”-odiemama
“You still wouldnt go,  would you?” -odie
“Not an icecubes chance in hell. Aka : nope, never, no way” -odiemama.
“You’ve proven your worth as my human guardian once more. You have permission to Hold me “-odie
“No problem. “-odiemama

Nite folks,
Hugs,o & om

amazing earth landscapes: new day. new way.

dearest odyssians,

each new incarnation provides us with the opportunity to correct amend mitigate ameliorate  our past lives… and to learn new things to master current soul space.

“certainly not easy.” – om

“yet there is no other choice” – odie

“have you accepted the challenge?” – o & om

remember dear friends……

new day. new way.


o and om

sci fi sunset shadow figure art: positively productive

dearest odyssians,

what an incredible work of sci fi art, with ghostly shadow figures.

we are ready for a productive and fulfilling june! hope you are having a great one as well :) cant wait til things heat up weather wise too. ill imagine when summer really hits and i go to the beach at sunset it will look a little bit like this illustration ive included.

(well i did say a little bit, not a lot!)

ps. odie mama is going to join a pool league. 8/9 ball anyone? rack em odie!


the green tea, apple juice, ice water, and coca cola pirate twins.

o and om