amazing black and white photography: with this eye can see

dearest odyssians,

tonight, just a few hours ago, odie pulled me aside, sat me down, climbed on my lap and said:

“i assure you the easy buttons you prayed to the gods for yesterday are already here. now open your eyes so that you might see them. you’re way way way over thinking solutions. chillax. now seek them in earnest.”

he then curled up and proceeded to nap – his cool indifference and warm barely there fuzz covered body of a sagging skin casing over bones earning him his newest nickname “Meat Stump”.

i sat there still-rendered mute by my cat’s wisdom. ‘Les Mis’ blasted irreverently in the background on my tv. meat stump stirred not a wink as i began to roll his weighty ideas around in my empty head. they clunked like quarters in a dryer.

but after awhile, hopefully not too long,  i was able to say:

“i see… considering all this, ive revised yesterdays prayer – a call for easy buttons. here goes the new invocation….

“dearest gods. we appreciate the many easy buttons youve sent into this universal timespace in order to help us find our way with less delay.  and we are grateful. however, due to a minor hiccup in our dna synaptic snaps we haven’t found those buttons yet.

can you please send some really big arrows, the kind with brilliant shiny neon illumination, hot pink neon if you will, that point to those easy button gifts you’ve graciously sent  – we only ask because those are the kind of arrows that a nervous anxious person like odie mama could never miss despite herself ? her 3rd eye is not fully opened, but we are working on it.”

thanks and praise be to you as always,

your continually devoted and ever waiting subjects,

o and om.”


alright odyssians,

stay strong,

pray on.

hugs o and om