Quodies ( inspirational quotes by my cat) : don’t give up!

Dearest Odyssians,


“Keep up the hard work.  You will get finished eventually.” – odie

We have to remind ourselves of this constantly, as we continue working on book edits.

Also,  I love this quote that says: “if you hate starting over,  stop quiting.”

Hugs, O and om.

Exciting News!! The Xembala Project’s New Online Shop featuring our handmade mandala art has launched!

Dearest Odyssians,


Our newest art product, the mini mandala. Pictured here:
Design: Rising Lotus • Frame size: 9″x9″ • Price: $55 USD
Available Now Through our Online Mandala Shop:http://www.thexembalaproject.com


We have tremendous news to share with you. After months of delightful toil we have launched:

1. A new art company, The Xembala Project tm.

2. A new product, the Mini Mandala , based on geometric designs we create ourselves. Each mandala is handmade from start to finish!

**Mandalas are not only geometrically beautiful, they have been used throughout history as meditation aids for those seeking inner harmony and happiness :)

The art starts out as this graphic, and then we create the framed product you see above!

Original Concept art for Rising Lotus

3. A fully loaded online store featuring a variety of designs and frame sizes so you can purchase your very own handcrafted, hand framed, ready to hang, mandala art! We’d love to have you visit :)


4. A new blog that will cover all things xembala and mandala. We’d love to have you follow :)

WordPress Blog: www.thexembalaproject.wordpress.com

5. And of course we also have our very own facebook page. We’d love to have your Like :)

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/the-xembala-project/307668412689507

You all have been so supportive through these many months of blogging, and I look forward to hearing your feedback about out new product. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to leave them here in the blogosphere or to email us at our new company email: thexembalaproject@gmail.com

We hope that our work helps bring you peace•tranquility•happiness on this life’s journey.