Delusional Optimism : Fake Your Way Upwards

dearest Odyssians,

never give up on your dreams
never stop dreaming your dreams

This is great advice from matt berninger of The Nationals, and I’m following it to get my first novel to print. Though the book is “done”, (which took me almost a year and half of sometimes grueling, heartbreaking, tear jerking stress and doubt, mixed with moments of pure elation and gratification at finding my true purpose on this planet), there is so much more work to be done. And there’s no way I can give up now.


O and OM

Waking beauty : persistence pays

Dearest Odyssians,
Odie, my hairless cat, practically gnawed my face off this morning until I woke up, at six am, and opened the window for him to bird watch. As part of what is fast becoming his new daily routine, I also have to cover his bald body with his fuzzy blanket just so, or else he’s too cold to sit in the ‘chill’ morning air.  Today’s artic temperature before sunrise: 65° Fahrenheit.

Did I ever mention I go to bed at four am? well, I go to sleep at four am. Every night. And now I’m up. Blogging. While odie watches birds flit past his screened-in perched.

No sleep for the odie mamas. I am glad he’s happy though. Bastard. Lovely, lovely bastard.

O and om. ♡

Quotes for writers : rewrites aren’t insane (they just feel that way)

Dearest Odyssians,


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Einstein.
“… Unless you’re a writer. Then it’s a necessary part of the job.” – odie.

Keep plugging away Odyssians. The time you spend on editing and rewrites until you’re satisfied* with your work is worth it. The results will be different,  and they will be better.

O and om 🐱

*There also comes a point when you must be willing to submit your work,  knowing it will never be perfect. That point is when you are reasonably satisfied with what you’ve done. You know in your heart you’ve given your best effort into editing your work. Beware of the over edit….