Mandala art : Sharing is caring

Dearest Odyssians,


Odie helped Us Make This. And he wanted to share it with all of you.

O and om 🐱

we’re back :)

& We missed you.

beautiful sphynx cat Odysseus.jpg
my dearest tiger lamb monkey baby, Odysseus, says hi!

Now all we have to figure out is how to work with the redesign that wordpress has thrown at us so our return to blogging is less painful in the future. Today, we couldn’t reply to waiting comments without signing in multiple times. On the plus side, I was able to follow my own blog since WordPress didn’t recognize us as ourselves. Bonus!!

Then we had trouble uploading Odie’s newest pic that we took this morning.  He’s missed you guys too, and wanted to say hi. Plus, he loves photo shoots with is Momma because he gets lots of treats, grooming and attention. Yayyy. Once we got his pic uploaded, we couldn’t figure out how to write in these paragraphs (you’re seeing now) above and below Odie’s portrait. So he turned on his side and went to sleep, while assuring me that, “Momma could do it on her own.” I did. Odie’s still sleeping, btw.

Good news: we finally got there/here and are happy to be sharing with you.

Boy, have we missed you all!

So we have to ask:

Is anyone else feeling like the new user interface is harder to use??

Please share you thoughts.

** we promise to post more soon.

Hugs and love, always…

O and OM.

Digital Fractal Art by Kancano: Spiritual Rush

dearest odyssians,

spiritual rush – Kancano
weaved mandala – kancano
lions_heart_by_kancano via eyesofodysseus
Lions heart – kancano
timid blossom - kancano
timid blossom – kancano
i'm blue - kancano
i’m blue – kancano
the hippy peacock - kancano
the hippy peacock – kancano
a different kind of heart - eyesofodysseus
a different kind of heart – kancano

These Amazing digital fractal art designs are by Kancano. To see more of his work visit his dEviant art site:

Happy Saturday,  my fellow dreamers and spiritual artists!

Hugs, O and om. ♡