Bird landscapes: silhouetted lines & reflections on life

Dearest Odyssians,


For Linda Litebeing, on behalf of her beloved Dex, who recently passed:

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

We are sorry for your loss and hope you will be comforted at this time. He will be remembered.

O and om

*To see more work of this artist’s work, visit:  Pawel Kadysz Facebook

Amazing animal landscapes: odie at sunset

Dearest odyssians,


The view is better from here… isnt it?

“Indubitably” -odie
“Who taught you that word? Not your dear mom. But we are impressed you know it. Great word..” -om
“No need for the slack jaw and confounded expression. plenty more surprises where I came from. Plenty more stupefying million dollar word drops too”-odie
“I see that and you. And i raise you a trillion” – om
“Deal. Let’s dance mamma. – odie
“To more blogs riddled with typos. From us to you.
Amen.” -o /om

O and om

***not really a pic of our beloved odysseus,  though we wish it was ;) . effect is still the same, we believe .