Amazing landscape photos: a space odyssey

Dearest odyssians,


Would love to be able to travel faster than speed of light. Time jump. See other planets and civilizations.
Bring odie on the odyssey.  Wouldnt he look darling in a space suit? If we could what ncredible, mind blowing sights do you think wed see on our journey…?

Hugs, o and om

**Photo courteousy: claudia landone
For more of her incredible work :

Planet space illustration art: “strange cosmic clouds…and yet stranger dreams”

dearest odyssians,

strange dreams were abound: something about manifest destinies in a crazy-killer-clown-carnival-mad-house at the end of the world… and what do you suppose this message from the gods might be for us odie? i ask and he does not answer.

for once odie is as puzzled as i am… “Yet none did bind us” he says.

which means he widely suggests dispensing with any regressive/trapping thoughts about the past and its less than clear visions/dreams.  his case is compelling.


and goodnight.. yeehaw!

love o and om