Picture quotes: starry dreams

Dearest Odyssians,


Gotta love Vincent. Also,  was just reading a news article that said there’s a possibility that he may have been murdered,  and did not commit suicide. Interesting!!  That would make a great mystery movie. Who would play Vincent?  Daniel craig? Paul bettany? Or someone younger?
Let us know if you have any suggestions for casting.
Hugs,  O and om.


Amazing nature landscapes: jupiter and orion

Dearest odyssians,


“Bacardi shall reveal all truths.” – Anonymous
“Bacardi comes in many grades and colors” – odysseus
“As does life. and truth.” -odie mama.
“Interesting” -odysseus

Drink up.
Hugs and goodnight,
O and om

**pic credits : http://m.cyworld.nate.com/blog/home.php?home_id=a4484415
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amazing nature sci fi landscapes: as the sky falls (so we fall with it)

dearest odyssians,

we tuned out a bit yesterday but are back on board. been a bit of rough sailing around these parts and finally great to have resettled into the captains chair as the storm has passed. we even loosened up enough to put our feet up on the proverbial ottoman of life. less rum, more coke, i say. odie was lapside as i enjoyed lots of darjeeling while surfing the matrix after surviving the business of acting/auditioning at ungodly morning hours. our relaxed position belies our anxiety/belief that the next few weeks will bring more than a few critical turning points. everythings dancing at the edge of the cliff of our minds. will we be brave enough to jump? will be brave enough to stand still? whats the third option?

hang on to your newly fitted hats! its going to be one hell of a july….


o and om.

moon reflection illustration: full moon over blue water beauty

dearest odyssians,


are we tired… going to try to turn in early for the first time in a half century.  ive included this night scape in anticipation of magical dreams!

ps. i wonder what odie dreams about. lots of times you see his eyes and mouth moving… maybe hes chasing pink rabbits? i hope his im not his only friend, even in sleep.

sleep well friends,


o and om