amazing nature landscapes: nebulum (+ we missed you)

dearest odyssians,


whats on the horizon…?

storms or sleep… only odysseus can help us decide. i have a feeling hell say sleep. hes always right. as right as rain.

hugs, o and om

we were far away and missed you all terribly. hope to check up on all of your great posts in the next few days. happy early thanksgiving…


positive message art : sail free

Dearest odyssians,


As we always say, “Detours be forever damned.” Stay thy course.
“& find a marvelous editor”. – odie
Hugs,  o and om
*art by michiel jelijs

nature landscapes and life reflections: storms on the right (hold on forever)

dearest odyssians,

yesterdays post had a lone bird in the shadow.. todays has 2… can you see them? will tomm. have three? im on the search already to see if this feat can be achieved.

we hope you had a wonderful mothers day. we took odie grandma to a lunch, and though we tried to appease her with tasty food at the restaurant of her choice we dont think she liked it very much. actually, we know she didnt like it very much. as she told us. she even complained about the size of the portion on my plate (though id made no mention of it). sad face. we did our best (and those are the times we hate coming up short the most). perhaps we will pull off more hit and less miss next year. perhaps. (long pause)

having left the lunch in heavier spirits i retreated to my castle room in the sky and made good work of a complete outline for the screenplay. whats interesting about having an outline is I visualize it as a literary skeleton upon which i will lay the meat and the soul through my words. the completed scenes are  flesh upon the bones i can already be happy about. now that the grandness of the project is in a more visually relatable state i hope it will be easier to attack the most difficult scenes. i have a ravaged skeleton right now. but when fully formed i hope it will be an incredible body of work.  i must have faith in the words im choosing to use.

question 555980 in the life catalog of unanswered questions.

is it true that there are two types of the elderly; happy. and miserable? if so i can see where odie grandmas headed. and it doesnt have a smiley face on the end. also a good thing that she doesnt read my blogs… just one more thing to argue about at the end of a long day. if i didnt have the contrary person ive lived with many a year i probably wouldnt be great at writing dialogue, which is all conflict, problems, and proving points through battles amongst loved ones. sh*tty. so said the honesty brigade..

storms on the side. storms to the right of me. storms move the fight in me….but thats the plight of me… no end in sight.

goodnight to you and all your mommas!!

love odie, odie mama.

beautiful nature landscapes: lighthouse for life (hold fast!)

dearest odyssians,

hold fast odyssians! stand tall! in the face off all that attempts to distract you. to crumble your resolve. to weaken your foundation. be it waves from the outside beating upon your mortal bastions or pernicious doubt eroding piece by piece of your interior,  hold fast! your iron will shall brace you and shall see you though.  your iron will shall guide you to a day without storm. strenghten that will as it strenghtens you!  know that they would not have thrown you in the deep end, no lifeguard on duty, if there werent ways for you to win. remember this and smile. as the roar of the storm shakes you. and the thunder of blackened skies rumbles in your ears, making false threats. these are no more than tactics of fear.  you shall not be deterred. you shall not be felled.

love always,

odie and odie mama.

beautiful nature landscapes: stillness in the storm

dearest odyssians,

odie and i had a wonderful day at home playing the part of shut-ins. zero disturbances. zero reason to go outside and a kitchen fully stocked with food and drink. we were well fed and amply hydrated and sufficiently happy as we worked on dialogue. we look forward to “shut-in” sunday tomorrow.odie and i must admit we are terribly happy at times like this. we wish days like this could last forever.

love and hugs,

O & OM

beautiful lightning cloud images: the color of the storm

dearest odyssians,

lightning cloud color

its raining dogs and dogs (odie knows it could never rain cats) here in our small carved out corner of the midwest. but we are ok with the spring storm. actually only odie mama is ok with all the loud clashes and bright flashes being forced by zeus’ almight hands from the sky.

odie usually bolts for cover (that cant be the right word, but somehow it is ) when he hears loud booms of thunder. today hes here with me as we blog bedside. that being said, though he is on the bed instead of under it, i dont think hell sleep well tonight even so. im still proud of him because he’s managing his fear far better than when i first brought him here from new york.  when that first clash of lighting hit the night of the first major storm  i didnt see odie for an hour. he was that scared!

on a blog related note, the storm allows us to post a really cool pic we’ve been holding in our  personal matrix database for awhile. its all about timing. thats one hell of  a storm pic by the way. if i saw something like that id grab odie and hide way underground like a mole… hoping we wouldnt be torn away and cast as fish food to the flying monkeys in the land of oz. theres enough bat sh*t crazy here on earth to keep us more than busy – we dont need any damn spectacular  tornados blowing through here..

hugs and hugs. stay dry and warm where ever you are.

love O and his