Planet space illustration art: “strange cosmic clouds…and yet stranger dreams”

dearest odyssians,

strange dreams were abound: something about manifest destinies in a crazy-killer-clown-carnival-mad-house at the end of the world… and what do you suppose this message from the gods might be for us odie? i ask and he does not answer.

for once odie is as puzzled as i am… “Yet none did bind us” he says.

which means he widely suggests dispensing with any regressive/trapping thoughts about the past and its less than clear visions/dreams.  his case is compelling.


and goodnight.. yeehaw!

love o and om

unique landscapes: lots going on

dear odyssians-

theres a lot going on here in this pic. from the blurry focus, frenetic, lighting emitting clouds in the back ground to the mist covered water rocks in the fore.. and theres a great color play of blue. i like! as does odysseus.

we bring cheerful news. our dear sweet boy went to the vet yesterday, didn’t meow once, and weighed in at a healthy 9 pounds plus a few ounces. odie had imagined himself to be 12, but no. hes not the biggest guy in the kennel, but we love him.  he was given a clean bill of health all around.  and his mama bought him a special conditioner to keep his skin nice.  we were happy he was healthy and the vet was happy she sold us something!

“alrighty then. its off to the daily grind of napping and chasing a blue string and eating and pooping  and eating and sleeping again and giving mommy kisses. its hard out here for a pimp named odysseus.”, says odie.

hes grown quite bold in his new surroundings!

love odie, and odie mama.

unique: serenity

bizarre. odd. weird. strange. beautiful. and serene. enjoy some of this planets most unique landscapes.

serene bolivia
serene moeraki
serene rockland
(by richard mosse)
serene thermals, iceland
serene coast. (gregory trachov)
serene cave
serene balance
serene chemistry
serene boulder
serene stand out
serene boulder (part II)
serene geyser
serene death valley
serene salt flats
serene pinnacles
serene la luna