Amazing nature landscapes: royal blues

Dearest odyssians,


Simulated perfection is still perfection perceived.  Yes? No? I dont so?
Watch “the matrix” for evidentiary support.
And yes, we believe this to be a simulated landscape. ..
O and om


Amazing nature landscapes: eclipse of the art

Dearest odyssians,


Total eclipse of the art… of landscapes ;)
Isn’t this pic totally cool??
Real or unreal? – we’d loveto hear what you guys think.  Or should we ask ” real or artifice. .?” Fake is to harsh a word for this level of artistic beauty. . Even if a manipulation.
O and om

Interesting nature illustration art landscapes: magic hands

Dearest odyssians,


The magic is in my hands.

“So what are you waiting for mama?” -odie

“Well I uhh” -me

“You know what you need to do. So do it!” -odie

“Yeah. Ok. Im scared…yeah. I said it. Out loud.” -me

“Arent we all? – Odie

*”Fear, my dear, is how I bind you. And all others. ” -the darkness

“I shall not succumb?” -me

“You shall not. If you can say it with confidence.” -odie

“I shall not succumb. To my fears.” – me

“Remember your pledge.” -odie

“I will” – me

Pen is in hand….

9/o and om

Amazing nature landscapes:indigo dreams

Dearest odyssians


the best blue colored landscape ive seen to date (did our fellow blogger bluebutterfliesandme post this before? Is it even real? Either way I couldn’t resist sharing this daringly beautiful landscape with all if you.)
May your Friday be most excellent, and,may you dream in color with lots if blues mixed inti your visions.
happy Friday!!!

♡ o and om

fly away free

love this!

love the whole feel of this pic.

odie hopes you like it too.

we are going to bed early tonight.

love o and om

ps. what happened to the decent usable free apps thru the apple store? there are plenty for my android phone. but why are even the most useless apple apps now 10$?? does anyone know whats going on? am i not looking in the right place or has apple really cut down on their offerings? its to the point where i can find a good photo effect program under 20$. and by good i mean with 5 basic filters like instagram. i dont mind that android apps have ads….

im very curious. all comments welcome.

ok. good night for real this time


exotic landscapes: somewhere over the rainbow

dear odyssians,

odie and i love this pic by shem compion, one of the most amazing wildlife photographers i have ever seen! we specifically love the wondrous colors, sunset tinted sky and mountains, and the magnificent rainbow in this landscape. we hope you like it too.

here is his site:

you should def check out his work.

love odie and odie mama.