Mind blowing Conversations with my cat: “Words are all we have”


My sphynx sits upon my lap and looks into my eyes. His bewitching Golden yellows meet my mellow dark browns. I am entranced. He is cherubic. We adore one another. I must tell him so at this precise moment.

Om: Words are all we have, odysseus. And..
Odie: And pictures.

His interruptions never displease me.. Drawn in once more, I follow..

Om: And I suppose sound, by that rationale.
Odie: Not just sound. Music.
Om: The sound of music?
Odie: great movie.
Om: You jest with me.
Odie: Glad you mention humor. Your thoughts?
Om: It is that by which we may survive this?
Odie: And enjoy this.
Om: and Overcome this all.
Odie: yes. That which keeps us alive.

He begins to purr upon my lap. his eyes close, filled with bemusement. I see he is content with our dialogue. But he is not finished… his eyes reopen.

Odie: yet it is the the vitals which employ us.
Om: And again annoy us.
Odie: Except when they delight. We cannot forget food and drink.
Om: Good food. Great drinks.
Odie: Great rum
Om: Silver.
Odie: And all other kinds.
Om: as youve mentioned before, remember?
Odie: I do. But never a problem to mention time..
Om: and time..
Odie: and time again.
Om: and I quote, “a myriad of golden rainbows resonate in the sheer visual veracity of rums variations.”
Odie: one of my better creations. By our allusion Im given illusion of those rich rums now..
Om: nice.
Odie: Warmed by the touch of your lithe little honey colored hands-fixed tight yet nimbly upon each, and every, passing shotglass.
Om: past my blush rose colored lips…
Odie: …ending at red hot scarlett burning gizzard.
Om: Ahh. Memories.
Odie: Fuzzy at best.
Om: But Most enticing and inviting.
Odie: And terrifyingly exciting.
Om: all Before a great big sleep.

Odysseus settles deeper into my lap. I adjust accordingly. he speaks again, his voice is softer and somehow clearer.

Odie: Sleep. Another “cannot do without”.
Om: I see your daily dedication, odysseus: no less than18 hours upon a large pillow and under an even larger blanket.
Odie: Obviously a product of my nature, only rivaled by your 8, hmm?
Om: well if i must, I admit as much.

Odie: As much, she says…

He seems less than satisfied with my pressed confession. He frowns. Though not upon my need, (knowing never do I upon his) for life giving sleep. we both understand the rest of human society not to be so kind about our habits. I think of frowning too. I change topics to keep us both happy.

Om: post rum sleep, so sweet.
Odie: still an inevitable lead to wretched mornings with harsh sun blistering our dream crusted eyes- reminding us of another need.
Om: Water?
Odie: yes. Though thats not where I was headed…

His pause is uncomfortable. I push us past it.

Om: You spoke of rum and sleep.
Odie: and of hangovers and brain damage. Awful. Feels like youre dying when you suffer them.
Om: so you get them too after long nights??
Odie: of the best hotbuttered rum the planet has to offer. As they say, the sweeter the drink, the deeper the pain.
Om: you speak my truth.
Odie: I am a sphynx after your own heart.
Om: And many a humans.

Odie: We have gone slightly Esoteric but remain maddeningly concrete…
Om: Are you suggesting..?
Odie: Our direction. Yes. Change of. As a final rallying point that will make us smile again.
Om: Then lets speak next of purity: I propose light.
Odie: And beauty.
Om: And love.
Odie: Of course love.  For all the rest is as dust and empty without it.
Om: Can I then tell you now, as ive been meaning to tell you all this time?
Odie: How much you love me?
Om: I love you odysseus. Very much. There. Thats the best words can do.
Odie: im glad for what we have. Thank you.
Om : You’re welcome.

He rests his head on my hand, ready for sleep. Then, surprisingly, he looks up and into my eyes one last time.

Odie: mama?
Om: yes my Dearest lamb monkey pookie booger dragon sweet baby?
Odie: I love you too.