black and white photography: the edge of tides

dearest odyssians,

we are back again. standing at the edge of tides. standing at the edge of time.

the mystery of life marches on.


o and om.


unique & amazing nature landscapes: crystal pink tides

dearest odyssians,

odie recommends a kayak for best viewing of this interesting sight…and a kayak would bring you within a tongues distance so you could find out if this is salt or just something weird. odie, you go first!

we hope one day to travel to see all of the amazing sights weve been able to share through this blog. i want odie to come with me, or course. maybe if i start leash/kitty carrier/human toilet training hell be ready by the time i have the funding and the free time.

also, in other amazing news.

i started this blog on odies birthday (december 22), just by coincidence. and today, in another act of ‘the  blog gods are smiling’, its 4/21 today and  we have officially gained 421 followers!!! we are so thrilled that our blog is being well received and appreciate our growing audience.


heres another  thank you to all odyssians,


You all keep my at the keys and we look forward to working with all of you in the future…



and hugs,

odie & odie mama