Amazing black and white nature photos: tree of light

Dearest odyssians,


The holiday is upon us..
We continue our week of posting black and white photos that blow the mind and more importantly represent the two halves of existence in this dimension. Dark vs light. A battle seen with each rising sun and each rising moon.
Enjoy the dynamic…
Hugs o and om

Unique nature landscapes: perfected angles

Dearest odyssians,


We hope that you are enjoying these days leading into the holidays. Thats the intention of it all, we know, to enjoy, relax, share, and love it all- with loved ones. but Somehow odie and I always have mixed feelings right about now. Did we get the perfect gifts for everyone? Do we have the proper dress for the party? Its not really too short, is it? Well, Is it? Whatever! We are wearing it anyhow… more importantly, Did we find the proper party for that not too short dress? What about long lost friends  and stray cats we no longer talk to? Should we send those texts and reopen old/new wounds? “Hi, Its the holidays” is a great reopening line that won’t raise eyebrows.. Will they write back? Who are they? Why are we asking about this in our blog?  Does any of this matter in the grand scheme life? End scene.
The god janus, the one famously bearing two faces which peer at the future and the past simultaneously,  (and notably the god by which we name our month january after) is our guide in this season. He faithfully reminds us humans that we can never close the door to yesteryear.  We can never embrace a future properly without making proper homage to the past. Yet we must compel ourselves to carry on, move forward,  forget what failed us/how we failed ourselves and vow to multiply/actively augment through pursuits those things which did work for us/make us better/wiser/stronger for the world.
Its all a bit stressful and emotionally important,  isnt it? We know. So grab that eggnog or, if you’re after our own hearts, some fabulously delicious buttered spiced rum and sip/wash those cobwebs of mental clutter away while listening to carols and wearing your fave xmas sweater in front if that new fangled turn button gas fireplace. Marvel at the modern tech. Drink more. Explain that you got the sweater because it was cute,  not because it was 10 dollars at a church raffle. Laugh at the “oh, i see”‘s that you get in response.
For now. There’s always next year to worry/enjoy succeed/fail* all over again and explain your unique fashion choices to those discerning gazes.  *fail being a harsh word denoting the opposite of desired outcomes.  We know there is no real fail.  There just is no try! Did yoda say this?
O and om

amazing nature landscapes: solar acceptance

dearest Odyssians,

My newest phrase is a healthy admittance of my reluctant relinquishing of choice, power and made promises – to the universal whim:

• “it is what it is”

in the end does acceptance of “what it is” make it easier to work within the system? we believe so. but does odysseus?


o and om.


amazing nature landscapes: trees of green (and conversations with my cat)

dearest odyssians,

sometimes for me, as well as our mascot odysseus, there is no boredom in the sight of the familiar.  like this landscape.

but there is conversation:

“have you posted this pic before?”-odie

“have i?” – i ask him.

“have you, you ask? well mom you know you cant ask me. i just do the spellcheck, remember?” – odie

” yes. and you do do a great job, i must say.” i grumble a bit.

wait. whats this? odie senses something.  my thought about his spelling perhaps? he’s looking me dead in the eye.

“well that goes without saying” – odie flicks his tail pointedly. not picking up on my grumbling clues. (we all know that i correct the spelling and give him the credit. in large bylines on the blog page)

“well…” i smirk, bemused by his audacity, and not giving away what i just gave away to the readers. i love that hes a sphinx in these moments… the moments i outwit him.

“yet mom,  we digress. you were saying … something about deja vue in our landscape photos and audience ennui ?” – odie says. he remains confident in his ability as master spellchecker. ive revealed his secret. win. win.

“ahh yes.”  i say,  still bemused.  ” The important question of the evening still remains. will our odyssians notice if we post this pic and weve posted it before. it looks so familiar, somehow? but i cant be sure.”  (-me)

“but there is comfort there for me in the pic. tucked in its familiar green. rooted in the lone tree on plain field layout. yes weve seen it before. but never quite like this. for it is us that have changed. ” – odie

“youve sold me. okay. lets do this.” –  i roll the mouse over to the blue ‘publish’ button weve hit approximately 750 times before… (wow)

“now before you press that button.  the one we delight in ‘pressing’ every time we do. let me just say. we cant be sure of the reaction from our odyssians. im sure it wont be a bad one.  but let me say more power to you if we think they might have used this pic before and we still hit the publish button, mama” – odie “thats brave!”

“you mean more power to us.” – i tug his little tail as i check for his reaction to my slight correction. “youre in this just as much as i am.”

“not if this goes horribly wrong..” – he begins to purr. he is correct again.

“and thats what i love about this blog.” – odie. “the 100% share”

“we are pressing send together in that case. especially tonight.

hand in paw we roll our mouse arrow to the proper position and press down on the center of our touch pad…


and we are sending hugs and love to all our your blogs.

publish with courage odyssians… publish with courage.


o and om