Amazing nature landscapes: the hide of sin

Dearest odyssians,
I am lost. Even in a world with extensive amounts of bacardi…


Please don’t take this as a negative blog. It’s positive because We just want to mention some thoughts that came to mind :
Remain true to yourselves,  despite your selves.
O and om
Hiding in the shade , realizing plain truth.  Fighting for the light.

amazing nature landscapes: slices of ice

dearest odyssians,

sunset frozen lake via eyesofodysseus

the hamster wheel of my life keeps a turning.. despite the deep freeze and cold that has plunged our small city of the world to a standstill.  in truth i think i could brave any climate/hell/war zone/urban setting/post apocalypsis with enough sleep. without it, not even a red carpet unrolled event by wheelchair with armored guard is manageable. 8 hrs is all i ask. but a real solid 8. to keep my metaphorical sails unfurled and on mast- and catching air. 7.99 instead of 8 simply isnt cutting the cloth. im on day 4 with an avg of 6 hrs only. that means ive already missed 2 x 4….. one whole days sleep in 4 days. id bite all my nails off again if they werent already gone. odies? i trimmed his dutifully 2 days ago. and hes in bed most hours of the day, as is his catlike creature feature.

might i not just crawl under this formidable comforter that lets me forget all the worlds suffering as a chrysalis does for the catapillar? might i not also be simultaneously hooked up to a painfree i.v. that injects a steady stream of 90 degree diabetes free hot chocolate, (whole milk, extra whip) while i read the 30 books ive yet to get to as fast as keanu learned kung fu in the matrix?  and then, after learning and enjoying, might i not fall into a 24 hour slumber where i journey to the other side-afforded full spiritual protection of the light- and have the most amazing learning experience from those who really know the know? and rise again without brain damange?


“you are merely tenants of this earth. not landlords. sadly, the most powerful among you dont see it this way.”

“we arent getting our security deposit back, are we?”

“honestly no… but not too worry. there will be new tenants moving in. and you shall go your proper way, as have those that came before you.”

“this switching places; a new lease signed by new tenants + the old moving on, this has happened in the past, hasnt it?”

“more times than you can possibly comprehend.”

“yet i feel that youve answered my question more completely than i was able to ask. meaning, i never could have posed the question that you just answered for me.  Therefore, i do understand that i will never fully understand. what do i tell the others?”

“a Few already know what few will know.  The important thing to remember is what most sense unconsciously; Nature is a grand circle- birth, death, with rise and fall in between. there are no discernible markers for any of these points. that is all. nothing more.”


” yes. what ive revealed is an almighty truth, so simplistic, it is hard for your kind to apply to your own situation and find satisfaction. life=death. nothing more.”

“so this was all meant to be. our beginning. our end.”


“then why have us want to live forever?”

“who says that you do not?”


and remember these dreams. and come back a little better for the world?

might i also arise content.  and share what i know with those who should also know. or keep the secrets incased inside my existence until this mortal coil/jail is shed forever.

til we meet again,


o and om

Amazing nature landscapes: jupiter and orion

Dearest odyssians,


“Bacardi shall reveal all truths.” – Anonymous
“Bacardi comes in many grades and colors” – odysseus
“As does life. and truth.” -odie mama.
“Interesting” -odysseus

Drink up.
Hugs and goodnight,
O and om

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