Soul capture: lives on the balance

Dearest odyssians,

This lithe limber corpse my soul has been dragging aro u nd for 30 plus years is causing me aggrevating amounts of strife; read physical and emotional.
Yes, odie and I fully understand the repercussions/universal implications of not being trapped here, in these limited dimensions, with physical form. Yet most days we wish we could bend the very constructs of our universal time space continuum: fair players rewarded, aggressors smote by apocolypse movie grade thunder earthquake wind fire and flood- blood on no hands. The kind (never deemed meek) never run over roughshod, bullies brow beaten by their own cowardice. True love requited. Falsitudes crushed under the pinions of Truth. In total : A righteous rebellion of light serving as effective astringent…against all forms of lurking darkness.
These things shall never come to pass. For all goodness to exist minus its foes does not balance make. Nor can any good deed go unpunished. our reality is our necessity.
Therefore-let it be known, despite the depressing undertone of this post, I hope to keep this beautiful waifish corpse of mine to gird my pure energy soul for many more earth’s turns round our brilliant burning sun. I wish To surf the waves of the matrix and best avoid the sharks, pits, and prat falls that the oceans require to flow. Odie agrees to join me over each undulation.
O and om

u n i v e r s e

cosmic vistas. vast galactic expanses. endless universes of the unknown.  all these things lie before us.

below our feet, an incomprehensible number of grains of sand. a physicality we can touch and see, yet still cannot comprehend in its totality.

are there more stars in the universe or more grains of sand on earth? are there more stars in the universe or more drops of water in our oceans?

this landscape photo makes me wonder this very thing…

love odie and odie mama