Great quotes for writers: Get weird

Dearest Odyssians,


“When the going gets weird,  the weird turn pro. ” –  hunter s. Thompson.

Embrace your weird. Then let it out on paper. Having a unique voice is one of the most powerful aspects a writer’s work can have. The weirder… The better.

O and om 🐱.

Quodies : let your freak flag fly

Dearest Odyssians,


Being the best you that you can be is a full time job.  If you’re following your destiny, you will have no time to be anyone other than yourself.

When you Fly your true weird strange unique freak flag, you meet the all right weird strange unique true freak people.

Hugs,  O and om.

unique: serenity

bizarre. odd. weird. strange. beautiful. and serene. enjoy some of this planets most unique landscapes.

serene bolivia
serene moeraki
serene rockland
(by richard mosse)
serene thermals, iceland
serene coast. (gregory trachov)
serene cave
serene balance
serene chemistry
serene boulder
serene stand out
serene boulder (part II)
serene geyser
serene death valley
serene salt flats
serene pinnacles
serene la luna