Beautiful astrology element guide

Dearest Odyssians,



The writing in the pictures above is very small, so I’ve included the complete list of key words for each of the four elements below:

*Earth 🌍 : strength, wealth, form, body, midnight, caves, mountains, gardens, groves, Plains, winter, North, place of darkness.

*Air 💨 : breath, intellect, wind, music, dawn, sky, wind, high places, vibrations, clouds, spring, East, place of greatest light.

*Fire 🔥 : courage, passion, will, moon, energy, deserts, volcanoes, lightning, sun, stars, summer, South, places of great heat.

*WATER 💦 : dreams, compassion, intuition, feeling, Twilight, lakes, Wells, rivers, oceans, rain, fog, tides, West, place of setting sun.

The center reads : spirit within and all around.

Here’s a handy guide to finding out the element related to your sun sign.


We hope this chart helped you learn something new about yourself, or helped remind you of the blessings you already possess!

O and om
Sag and Gem.