Mind blowing Conversations with my cat: “Words are all we have”


My sphynx sits upon my lap and looks into my eyes. His bewitching Golden yellows meet my mellow dark browns. I am entranced. He is cherubic. We adore one another. I must tell him so at this precise moment.

Om: Words are all we have, odysseus. And..
Odie: And pictures.

His interruptions never displease me.. Drawn in once more, I follow..

Om: And I suppose sound, by that rationale.
Odie: Not just sound. Music.
Om: The sound of music?
Odie: great movie.
Om: You jest with me.
Odie: Glad you mention humor. Your thoughts?
Om: It is that by which we may survive this?
Odie: And enjoy this.
Om: and Overcome this all.
Odie: yes. That which keeps us alive.

He begins to purr upon my lap. his eyes close, filled with bemusement. I see he is content with our dialogue. But he is not finished… his eyes reopen.

Odie: yet it is the the vitals which employ us.
Om: And again annoy us.
Odie: Except when they delight. We cannot forget food and drink.
Om: Good food. Great drinks.
Odie: Great rum
Om: Silver.
Odie: And all other kinds.
Om: as youve mentioned before, remember?
Odie: I do. But never a problem to mention time..
Om: and time..
Odie: and time again.
Om: and I quote, “a myriad of golden rainbows resonate in the sheer visual veracity of rums variations.”
Odie: one of my better creations. By our allusion Im given illusion of those rich rums now..
Om: nice.
Odie: Warmed by the touch of your lithe little honey colored hands-fixed tight yet nimbly upon each, and every, passing shotglass.
Om: past my blush rose colored lips…
Odie: …ending at red hot scarlett burning gizzard.
Om: Ahh. Memories.
Odie: Fuzzy at best.
Om: But Most enticing and inviting.
Odie: And terrifyingly exciting.
Om: all Before a great big sleep.

Odysseus settles deeper into my lap. I adjust accordingly. he speaks again, his voice is softer and somehow clearer.

Odie: Sleep. Another “cannot do without”.
Om: I see your daily dedication, odysseus: no less than18 hours upon a large pillow and under an even larger blanket.
Odie: Obviously a product of my nature, only rivaled by your 8, hmm?
Om: well if i must, I admit as much.

Odie: As much, she says…

He seems less than satisfied with my pressed confession. He frowns. Though not upon my need, (knowing never do I upon his) for life giving sleep. we both understand the rest of human society not to be so kind about our habits. I think of frowning too. I change topics to keep us both happy.

Om: post rum sleep, so sweet.
Odie: still an inevitable lead to wretched mornings with harsh sun blistering our dream crusted eyes- reminding us of another need.
Om: Water?
Odie: yes. Though thats not where I was headed…

His pause is uncomfortable. I push us past it.

Om: You spoke of rum and sleep.
Odie: and of hangovers and brain damage. Awful. Feels like youre dying when you suffer them.
Om: so you get them too after long nights??
Odie: of the best hotbuttered rum the planet has to offer. As they say, the sweeter the drink, the deeper the pain.
Om: you speak my truth.
Odie: I am a sphynx after your own heart.
Om: And many a humans.

Odie: We have gone slightly Esoteric but remain maddeningly concrete…
Om: Are you suggesting..?
Odie: Our direction. Yes. Change of. As a final rallying point that will make us smile again.
Om: Then lets speak next of purity: I propose light.
Odie: And beauty.
Om: And love.
Odie: Of course love.  For all the rest is as dust and empty without it.
Om: Can I then tell you now, as ive been meaning to tell you all this time?
Odie: How much you love me?
Om: I love you odysseus. Very much. There. Thats the best words can do.
Odie: im glad for what we have. Thank you.
Om : You’re welcome.

He rests his head on my hand, ready for sleep. Then, surprisingly, he looks up and into my eyes one last time.

Odie: mama?
Om: yes my Dearest lamb monkey pookie booger dragon sweet baby?
Odie: I love you too.

beautiful nature landscapes: tracks in the snow set

dearest odyssians,

tracks in the snowset

its bitterly cold in this midwestern town by the lake that we’ll call “springfield”. i bit my tongue and cursed the heavens silently as the real feel (registered trademarked copyrighted etc) wind burned my face and the thermometer slapped me with an 8 degrees Celsius read out. holy cat sh**t that cold for march. isnt the first day of spring tomm? wtf??

cant we send all this cold and ice where the world needs it? up north and way down south?  not right here in the middle. i shouldnt complain about the cold. soon it will be like the amazon in Minnesota. malaria and dengue abound.

just an fyi: i didn’t swear to the heavens that loudly as i  didn’t want to offend the spirits in the sky. def a few folks up there that you dont want to be on their s”hit” list. just ask the cast of every greek tragedy/creation myth gone wrong.

ok all, i gotta run. tired tired tired. i feel like the world is turning at an incredible rate and i can barely hold on. have i signed on for too much responsibility. or am i just so reluctant to leave home for even the smallest tasks that steppin out is like steppin on hot coals. feels liket he proverbial bamboo shoots are being pressed under my fingernails when its time to run to the market for more ramen and cheap cake.

i need a kiss and a hug from odysseus to snap me out of this “im overwhelmed” feeling. he def knows how to keep things in perspective. “as long has you have fresh water, some kitty treats, and dont miss the pan, its a good day momma!” says odie… hes my little bald genius.

ill try to remember that when i hit the panic button tomm.

hugs, love, and wishing for a pause button to press that could freeze the world around us for a week without consequence. so we could cuddle and snuggle and watch more movies.

O & OM.