Beautiful photography: Riverside blues

Dearest Odyssians,


Had a dream I adopted three kittens.  Odie was delighted to have so many new play friends that had real cat fur.  They liked odie in turn, because he’s hairless, and easy to clean. They snuggled, and ran around, and chased one another’s tails , and played all sorts of fun cat games.

Then we woke up to reality,  where it’s only the two of us. And our blog.

Still a happy story.

Hugs,  O and om.


illustration art: mind journey phantasy

dearest odyssians,

outerworld fantasy

my mind is awash in outerworld psychedelic phantasies…. interesting. through the portals pass a million plus images… interesting. only intuition may filter the divine. its all a bit like dreaming while waking. or waking while dreaming. whichever your soul prefers.

why not both?

the journey continues, ever more interesting.

ever more stunning.

ever more majestic.


o and om