nature photos: youthful horizons

dearest odyssians,

horizons via eyesofodysseus

we just picked up one of those google chromebooks- by way of samsung engineering. it looks great, seems to work ok (except wont stream my beloved netflix movie so im blindly looking for a netflix plugin??? why in the year 2013 should this even be needed?) and it was only 250 buckaroos. not too steep for what these here goods i now got/own. now all i have to do is fix the netflix fiasco debacle taht i mentioned before, and find out where my pics go when i take them from my laptops cam.. I cant find them anywhere right now? are they even being saved? how does this thing work? it cant all be cloud based…. or is it? it aint a mac, so it somehow makes no sense to me how it works. will seek a pc expert for answers.

in the meanwhile im happy to have a physical keyboard that will let me blog easier. and i can start to visit you all and your magnificent wordpress sites again. ive been terribly lax about that. and lax about everything else in my life requiring responsibility. t riple double quadruple ugh. responsibility. that word strikes more fear in me when i  hear  it than any other… say it with me.. ‘responsibility’. so ominous. so horrible. so odious. it implies the weight of the world is upon me to do something, and if that thing is not addressed or taken care of in proper fashion a more negative situation will arise from it not being handled. thats scary as **** for some reason. disaster must be mitigated immediately. or else. thats all it means.

so i tend to look away and hope the pieces fall the right way for me when left to their own devices.  despite me. in spite of me..

what singular words bring cold sweats for you?

for some its bills, and the physical. for others love. trust. odie and i welcome your earnest/personal reveals if you so decide to share. your thoughts are safe here for the world to see.


o and om