Thank you for visiting the EyesOfOdysseus blog.

Before you get knee deep in the blog please be advised.

it is filled with the following;

misspelled words. “at will” punctuation. colorful metaphors. sarcasm. dirty humor. strong opinions. unique world view.

and also may contain:

Bias Language Clichés Complex Phrases Diacritical Marks Double Negatives Hidden Verbs Jargon Passive Voice Phrases to Avoid Redundant Phrases

we hope you enjoy our thoughts and find them to be interesting company,

all followers welcome.


 OM -odie(‘s) mama.


O – Odysseus cat

34 thoughts on “• DEAR READER •

    • hi linda,

      odies so proud to hear youve connected with his bad mutha f**ka side: or as polite bloggers say “odies our little bad ass bald rock star”.
      if he were human, what would his band’s name be? what kind of music would they play besides death metal after long weekends…

  1. Good question, too bad The Stray Cats is already taken! What do you think? I think they’d play punk, dance hall reggae, and perhaps some experimental jazz when feeling particularly mellow. Dexter is asking if he can join as supporting vocalist. he is always quick with a running commentary and has excellent stage presence. Get back to me if he can do an audition!

    • of course dexter can join,no audition necessary. i do see the group doing some of the experimental jazz you mentioned, but also a tone of new wave indie tech plus danceable synth house that odie has grown to love from listening to me dj. its all about the melody. what instruments does dex play?odies got piano and the mix machine covered and he does a bit of drums…

      • you are way too funny for your own good!!!! Dex is quite dexterous on the sax, he’s fair on bass and amazing on all percussion. He’s really excited about the band but fresh out of potential names….

      • well then linda lite and dex, odie and i will put our two heads together and think of something bonanza gonzo incredible…
        how bout “the bonanza gonzo incredibles”?
        was that too soon?

  2. alright ladies,
    send a pic of your animals to me so i can put together the cover album photo for the band. ill work on a better name. gonzo bonanza is ok.. but missing something.
    blue, do you have any cutting edge band name ideas?

    • hey guys,

      first off who is lil d? secondly, I do have some pics of Dex on my phone but its not a smartphone and I don’t know how to get it online, sorry. He is so cute, would love to share him. Any ideas? And the name well????? Feline frenzy, or Wildcat mamas, or WordPressions and sons?

      • lil d is blues beta fish. she says he has a ton of personality and a fairly large bowl to swim in. i like the name wordpressions a lot. i think its a cool name. but makes our boys sound more like a pure 80s synth band. which odie doesn’t mind. :) great suggestions. lets see what blue thinks.

      • hi linda lite and dex.
        link no work today :(
        sad face.
        please let us know if you can put it up again….
        also. can you make sure that the pic of dexter shows the details of his face and isnt too dark. that will give him more instrumental options in the band pic.
        thanks you guys,
        and hugs…
        O and OM

    • Bonjour melanie and your beautiful cat. My french is no longer that great and my spanish worse yet. Still I love the nature of your 3 language blog. Amd we love your love of cats and wisdom filled quotes. Hugs, cheers, and love ;)
      O and om


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