the art of drowning.

photo credit : Gregory Colbert, artist, storyteller, photographer who also created ‘Ashes & Snow’ .

this is a personal post. im a little overwhelmed right now. im nowhere near water but i feel like im… my world isnt ending persay. im just stressed beyond consolation: heres the background story. ive always been a huge fish enthusiast. building and maintaining natural fish tanks is my hobby. at one time i had four tanks in my bedroom, much to my parents delight. that was a few years ago in my younger years…im still as passionate about my fish but now i only have one tank. (its nyc after all and room is limited). and that one prized  tank of mine is on the fritz.  i think everyone/all my fish might die if i dont fix the problem soon. thats problem one. problem 2. i havent figured out whats wrong yet exactly with the tanks eco system, as in is it water or disease thats killing my swimmer friends) but im just trying to raise ph to normal, raise O2 levels, and reduce disease… without killing the fish in the process. too much medicine kills the patient. and my patients cant talk…. i hope i can save everyone thats left… (2 have died already). and so the pics ive put up tonight represent my water based problem sure my pets are fish, but they can drown in a way. and because of that i feel like im drowning… ill keep everyone posted… hopefully i can turn it around. wish us luck… love, odie (who has no idea whats going on) and odie mama (who also has no idea whats going on but is trying her darndest to fix whatever it is) and my fish.

10 thoughts on “the art of drowning.

  1. Hi Odie, can you site the source for the image of the elephant there? That image is breathtaking and its maker deserves the credit ^.^ as do all of these! Thanks for post.

  2. Greetings, Odie and Om. I wandered to this post because of the beautiful, evocative image in your sidebar, to find more beautiful, evocative images (as is always the case here, O and Om!). Another reader posted a query about the first photo – it’s from Gregory Colbert, artist, storyteller, photographer who did Ashes & Snow … more evocative photographs! Though it’s been awhile since you posted this, Om, I hope all worked out with your fish and tank. That’s such a frustrating and heartrending thing to have happen. Be well, Love, Jamie

    • Hi Jamie,
      We did end up fixing our fish tank problem. Was sad that we lost a few swimmers before we found solutions and answers. Turns out the water needed salt in it. New York (I used to live there) does something strange to water (softens it?) in order to preserve building pipes. That process is not good for living things. Surprise!! Wonder how our insides handle the manipulations of our food and water as well as they do. The human body is an incredible wonder. We really do eat drink and inhale so many different chemicals it’s a miracle we don’t all have cancer. Wink wink.
      Sorry this response went wobbly bits up. Just went with the flow of it.
      Thank you for checking on our earlier posts we also have a page called ‘ best posts’ that you may like. Before we started writing the book we spent more time blogging and finding pics. Out together stories as opposed to quick pic sharing.
      Hope winter is reading you well!!
      A flattered O and om 🐱.


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