these blogs are odie’s favorites.

check them out!


Blue Butterflies And Me   •    Mayan Messages    •    Ajaytao Botanical Blog

Gigoid    •    Renard Moreau Presents   •     Gwennies World

chicquero   •    crazytraintotinkytown    •     samo-tako

neo-alchemist   •    litebeing chronicles  • Guru Genie

julianne victoria  •   gekiuma  •   bloodstone sci fi

dewin nefol  •   kintal   •  Sophia’s Children

Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary   •   Walking My Path   •  Embracing Forever



10 thoughts on “• XTR SPCL •

    • Hey there eyes of Odysseus. i’d like to ask you for permission to use one of your beautiful pictures for an album design of my band.. could you give me your Email adress for further contact? We dont want to use the exact same picture and it is not yet sure if we use it at all, but nevertheless. Greetings

      • hi timo..
        some pics are mine, some aren’t. can you please describe which pic is it you would like to use. we’d be happy to help if it is our work to share.
        thanks for the interest in the art featured on this site.
        o and om

  1. Thanks you guys for including litebeing chronicles in the XTR SPCL club. You and Odie are the reasons why it is extra special, love to my future bandmates from ” Linda lite”.


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