Not all those who wander are lost

Dearest Odyssians,
Please enjoy these incredible iphone art creations by Ali Jardine.





“Not all that glitters is gold. Not all who wander are lost” – Tolkien.

“Never stop dreaming!” – odysseus.

“ditto ” – odie mama.

O and om.

To see more amazing art by Ali Jardine please visit her Instagram page:

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A Piece of Me

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cuddles and hugs and all kinds of cozy :)

dear odyssians,

cuddles and hugs and all kinds of cozy love…

heres some extra cuddle worthy nature photography that im signing off with tonight. I hope you sleep in your beds huggable and soft and cozy and warm, just like these ring tailed lemurs (one of my fave animals)


The Rescue

Dear odyssians ,


the rescue…

Love Odie and Odie mama.

I currently divide my day into 4 quandrants, none enjoyable.

1. Work quadrant/morning  : where I do the bidding of others and surpress my desire to make art.

2. Home quadrant/evening : where I fight with my mom for basic understanding.

3. room quadrant/night : where I fight with my cat in order to sleep.

4. Dream quadrant : where I battle my unconscious to not dream of work/have nightmares.

The end.

elephant: a picture that inspires dreams

dear odyssians,

theres on an elephant in the room of my soul. its begging me to honor my artistic gifts above all else. its asking me to rest my aching mind and leave my unbearable weariness where it belongs. 6 ft under.

and this elephant that eating a devestating  hole into my soul isnt beautiful like the one in this amazing photograph.

no solutions eminent. but ill keep everyone posted. wish me luck.

odie mama.