Landscape paintings: Daydream Believer

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my dearest Odyssians!

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the art of drowning: part deux

dearest odyssians,

we present our second compendium of beautiful, interesting, haunting art that depicts drowning/under water scenes. thanks matrix, and talented artists.

stay afloat dearest odyssians. and if youre feeling a little “under” be sure to make your way to the surface! and make beautiful art while you do so.

the see our first part on the topic: THE ART OF DROWNING


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and happy friday :)

the art of drowning.

photo credit : Gregory Colbert, artist, storyteller, photographer who also created ‘Ashes & Snow’ .

this is a personal post. im a little overwhelmed right now. im nowhere near water but i feel like im… my world isnt ending persay. im just stressed beyond consolation: heres the background story. ive always been a huge fish enthusiast. building and maintaining natural fish tanks is my hobby. at one time i had four tanks in my bedroom, much to my parents delight. that was a few years ago in my younger years…im still as passionate about my fish but now i only have one tank. (its nyc after all and room is limited). and that one prized  tank of mine is on the fritz.  i think everyone/all my fish might die if i dont fix the problem soon. thats problem one. problem 2. i havent figured out whats wrong yet exactly with the tanks eco system, as in is it water or disease thats killing my swimmer friends) but im just trying to raise ph to normal, raise O2 levels, and reduce disease… without killing the fish in the process. too much medicine kills the patient. and my patients cant talk…. i hope i can save everyone thats left… (2 have died already). and so the pics ive put up tonight represent my water based problem sure my pets are fish, but they can drown in a way. and because of that i feel like im drowning… ill keep everyone posted… hopefully i can turn it around. wish us luck… love, odie (who has no idea whats going on) and odie mama (who also has no idea whats going on but is trying her darndest to fix whatever it is) and my fish.

mirrors in oil : self portraits by the great masters : part 1

the following is a selection of self-portraits drawn by the grand masters of oil painting. i hope you enjoy their singular truth!
van gogh. (1853-1890)
i found this portrait to be his most crisp. and engaging. as if hes looking through me as i look through him.
the impulsive and tempestuous frida khalo (1907-1954) . “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.” She also stated, “I was born a bitch. I was born a painter.” rock on!
paul cezanne (1839-1906) is considered to be the bridge between modern impressionism and cubism. which face is captured here? that of the financial priviledged painter of most his years or the isolated divorcee of his later ones?
albrecht durer. (1471- 1528) was a German painter, printmaker, engraver, mathematician, and theorist who was reknowned by his 20s. is that whimsy i detect in the face of the man considered to be the master of the Northern renaissance? an interesting looking fellow indeed.
lucien freud. (1922-2011) wiki says it best: His works are noted for their psychological penetration, and for their often discomforting examination of the relationship between artist and model.” therefore i am drawn to this selfportrait, done in 1985, because of its examination between artist and artist and model and model. strange….
christian seybold. 1695-1768. i have chosen to include his self portrait as an older man. his eyes capture something for me. their opacity is incredible. and timeless. not the fur, however. thats a little old school. nonetheless this work is proof of his position as a master portrait painter of all time.
giorgio de chirico.(1888-1978) a greek born italian, metaphysicist and surrealist, painter. “De Chirico’s later paintings never received the same critical praise as did those from his metaphysical period (1909-1919)”. He resented this, as he thought his later work was better and more mature. so do i. this self portrait is from c. 1925.
edward hopper (1882-1967). a prominent american realist painter and printmaker. Always reluctant to discuss himself and his art, Hopper simply summed up his art by stating, “The whole answer is there on the canvas.” interestingly enough he worked on this painting from 1925-1930. how do you feel the artists work was influenced by the lapse five years during its creation?
gustave courbet (1819-1877). this self portrait is entitled “the desperate man”. coubet was a realist genius in 19th century france. from the masters mouth: ” I am fifty years old and I have always lived in freedom; let me end my life free; when I am dead let this be said of me: ‘He belonged to no school, to no church, to no institution, to no academy, least of all to any régime except the régime of liberty.’ can you sense his unflinching commitment to expressing his artistic freedom in this piece?
gauguin. (1848-1903). paul entered the artistic flock later than most.and eventually abandoned his family, went to tahiti and got his tropical on, and his pastoral, colorful, primitivist and cloissonist on in his remarkeable paintings. his talent was recognized after he died. a talent that can be seen here in this interesting portrait.
delaney (1901-1979) found his art calling as a part of the new york harlem renaissance painting depictions of minority hardships in america. he was extremely isolated and lived as a closeted homosexual during this time. but, in ’52 delaney moved to Paris and experienced personal and artistic freedom the city offered. sadly the drink caught up with him by the early 60s and by the early 70s delaney was committed to an institution due to his deteriorated mental state. which of delaney’s emotions do you feel are captured here?

truly great painted self portraits are feats of artistic magic. since the subject and creator are the same the artist’s view into the subjects soul is as clear as humanly possible. All of the subject’s varying emotions, changing sentiments, conflicting opinions, and changes in appearance are completely known and therefore, the painter faces the challenge of choosing which of the millions of aspects of himself* to include and which to dismiss. sure, there is a hint of selective editing in this process. but there is also a clairvoyance, or final truth, in “reflective” portraiture that cannot be found an any other type of portrait art.

extra credit: can we seperate the artist from his self portrait?

 if we do not know the artists biography can we know the painting?

*and herself. frida as an example.

love odie and odie mama.

more portraits to come this week. stay tuned….

my big reveal..

and here they are….


dear wordpress friends and family. this is actually my art= art created by the hands of odie mama!

yes its true! today i am revealing that i am a fellow artist, a newer artist growing into a style and still finding types of media that i prefer. but on some level im happy with the work ive done thus far.  as for my art bio/background; im a self taught outsider artist. i prefer to work with pastels (more oily/wet/malleable than dry) on heavy cut paper as i did with these paintings here. painting size is on average 36″ by 24″.

i apply texture and details to the pastels with colored pencils, markers, and paint markers. i am especially drawn to vivid coloration, off-set eyes of odd colors, large prominent ears, black lines that trace/highlight all shapes, layers, patterns, angular odd faces of non human coloration, and animal features that have been filtered through a human compass.

I am a newer artist that is currently stuck writing in playville. i guess thats why I havent shared any of my personal drawings before. But today is better than later. (and odie told me to stop being shy). i hope you like it. and i hope it gives some insight into who i am and what i do.

thanks for having a peek. :)


odie mama.  and odie, of course. :)