the art of drowning: part deux

dearest odyssians,

we present our second compendium of beautiful, interesting, haunting art that depicts drowning/under water scenes. thanks matrix, and talented artists.

stay afloat dearest odyssians. and if youre feeling a little “under” be sure to make your way to the surface! and make beautiful art while you do so.

the see our first part on the topic: THE ART OF DROWNING


O and OM

and happy friday :)


10 thoughts on “the art of drowning: part deux

    • aww shucks blue! youve charmed us again. :)
      glad you liked this post. and it really didnt take too long to craft…
      guess im getting quite handy with this old wordpress matrix setup….
      happy saturday :)

    • hi snowpartridge,
      theres something magical and mysterious about it, isnt there? i wonder how the artist created this…
      a lovely work of art indeed. thank you for sharing :)
      we look forward to your future visits,
      O and OM


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