Amazing nature landscape: desert prose

Dearest Odyssians,


Consider this landscape a palette cleanser.

I’ve been riding on the edge as of late, due to overwhelming stress trying to pen the perfect query letter to potential future agents. Thanks for sticking with me, Odyssians. You’re kind words have kept me on track.

O and om 🐱


Touching News Stories: Not all angels have wings

Dearest Odyssians,
Today we read one of the best news stories we’ve ever read!! Please click link below to get all teary eyed with joy!


We were inspired by this incredible story of love and courage between animals and humans, to make a new Quodie photo quote.

We hope this Quodie Inspired you to hug your furry & and furless angels, and let them know how much you love them today!

O and om.

amazing nature landscapes: the sands of time

dearest odyssians,

the sands of time wash over us all.  to see the beauty of this process is to accept life to its fullest.

on another note: our beautiful magic tarot reading art is back in full effect. we are feeling blessed and “tapped in”. no better feeling than to be able to help our fellow earth dwellers find where currently reside  in this grand, mystical and mystifying universe. i often describe having your tarot read like tapping into the cosmos; dipping your finger into the river of time and examining the ripples left by its placement. also, examining to drop upon your freshly dipped finger tip for vital signs.

the next day the river has changed. the ripples we create are also different, as is our examination following the process. life is mutable. our futures are never set in stone. as keats knew. i love taht the tarot accounts for this fluidity.

we are hoping the gods and spirits continue to bless us in our readings.


o and om