black and white portrait photography : at one with one

Dearest odyssians,
Life can be a lonesome affair.

‘the pilot’ by thomas leuthard
‘the last stop’ by lee morley
‘my way’ by thomas leuthard
‘a lonely boy’ by paul sapiano
‘rise’ by anurag agnihortri
‘contemporary viewer!’ by jrm llvr
‘the gentleman’ by suicine
‘chill out’ by ibrahim lujaz


————————————–Or a soloist’s adventure———————————-


‘hiking’ by harekosh
‘sea’ by basheer tome
‘jump’ by thomas leuthard
‘my way’ by juan guillermo perez forero
‘to the dream’ by srphoto
‘biker portrait’ by zach dischner
‘hooray’ by courtney carmody
‘jump to the sky’ by srphoto
‘new starts’ by takuma kimura
‘just keep climbing’ by zach dischner
‘waves’ by baldovinos photography
‘helena’ by mark sebastian
‘i feel my time, my time has come’ by daniela brown
‘an innocent child’ by ian muttoo

Its up to us to decide which version we want to experience.
O and om co.


amazing nature landscapes: trees of green (and conversations with my cat)

dearest odyssians,

sometimes for me, as well as our mascot odysseus, there is no boredom in the sight of the familiar.  like this landscape.

but there is conversation:

“have you posted this pic before?”-odie

“have i?” – i ask him.

“have you, you ask? well mom you know you cant ask me. i just do the spellcheck, remember?” – odie

” yes. and you do do a great job, i must say.” i grumble a bit.

wait. whats this? odie senses something.  my thought about his spelling perhaps? he’s looking me dead in the eye.

“well that goes without saying” – odie flicks his tail pointedly. not picking up on my grumbling clues. (we all know that i correct the spelling and give him the credit. in large bylines on the blog page)

“well…” i smirk, bemused by his audacity, and not giving away what i just gave away to the readers. i love that hes a sphinx in these moments… the moments i outwit him.

“yet mom,  we digress. you were saying … something about deja vue in our landscape photos and audience ennui ?” – odie says. he remains confident in his ability as master spellchecker. ive revealed his secret. win. win.

“ahh yes.”  i say,  still bemused.  ” The important question of the evening still remains. will our odyssians notice if we post this pic and weve posted it before. it looks so familiar, somehow? but i cant be sure.”  (-me)

“but there is comfort there for me in the pic. tucked in its familiar green. rooted in the lone tree on plain field layout. yes weve seen it before. but never quite like this. for it is us that have changed. ” – odie

“youve sold me. okay. lets do this.” –  i roll the mouse over to the blue ‘publish’ button weve hit approximately 750 times before… (wow)

“now before you press that button.  the one we delight in ‘pressing’ every time we do. let me just say. we cant be sure of the reaction from our odyssians. im sure it wont be a bad one.  but let me say more power to you if we think they might have used this pic before and we still hit the publish button, mama” – odie “thats brave!”

“you mean more power to us.” – i tug his little tail as i check for his reaction to my slight correction. “youre in this just as much as i am.”

“not if this goes horribly wrong..” – he begins to purr. he is correct again.

“and thats what i love about this blog.” – odie. “the 100% share”

“we are pressing send together in that case. especially tonight.

hand in paw we roll our mouse arrow to the proper position and press down on the center of our touch pad…


and we are sending hugs and love to all our your blogs.

publish with courage odyssians… publish with courage.


o and om

amazing nature figure photography: man aligned

dearest odyssians,

we are almost back on track.. and we are happy for it. its been a rough few days. not sure if its because what we are writing about it so emotionally taxing….

or cuz we just had our flip out moment for the season.

either way, we wil be happy to be back and fully positive about art, work, and life.


o and om.

lone figure landscapes: back to me (and facing eternity)

dearest odyssians,

is there anything more mysterious than a lone figure in the distance of an eerily quite landscape with his back to the viewer… we think not. enjoy…

ok. this one isnt so eerie.. we agree. and we rather like the mellow color rainbow of the sky here too :)

now for the random mishmash of late night thoughts traversing odie mamas brain this eve:

odie wants to remind me that sometimes its ok being alone. really? i cant believe he wants to remind me of this. it should be me reminding him. after all  hes the one who’s never ok being alone. i leave the room and he comes running. (thats part of the reason i love him though, admittedly). Sometimes i hate being alone too, it must be said. but not as of late. No need for Odie to gently remind me that alone time (which is coming in spades) is the perfect time to work on my single number one important project, self improvement writing dialogue. my characters are researching the perfect murder. and how to commit it. they are advised by kind of person you can talk to about these things, who rather pointedly states there is no such thing as the perfect crime. there are just better ways to get the job done. and go shopping afterwards. guilt free. i would only write about such things if the words vengeance revenge justice and truth were also discussed at length. they are.

Ive moved past the stage where I no longer sit in a quiet room when alone and only think about where to find the “fix my life” magic potion/solution… thats the blessing of being olderyoung.  i like that word. i just made it up. “olderyoung”.  thats where im at. soon odie will be “olderyoung” too in  cat years. hes catching up fast. alas i digress from my point:

lonely in pictures, the absolute right pictures=visual magnificence!

and now it is time for the thai tea drinking pirate twins to sign off. hugs from us to you! and if youre feeling lonely in your hemisphere of the matrix here a real quick fix: face away from a mirror, wrap your arms around your back,  turn your head just enough so you can look at your reflection getting a hug**. you wont seem alone for a millisecond. it doesnt last long, but i did mention it was quick fix didnt i?

**any other self love you choose to indulge in is purely at your own risk/discretion. odie’s only guidance.. grab a soft blanket. with your teeth. yes. hes quite the active fellow in his (no walls or curtains or doors) bedroom sleeping chair when he finds the right material. he always finds the right material.

odie mama cant believe she just revealed that to you all. one of her jobs is discretion concerning odies most personal activities on this blog. good thing he cant read. well not that well..

happy safe and healthy hugs,

O and OM.