Beautiful unique sunsets: beautiful dualities – water and earth

Dearest odyssians,


life is about beautiful dualities. Sometimes we can feel torn or divided by different interests, goals, activites that engage us. Odie and I often times do.
where do your two spectrum points lie? Are they a breaths length away, or divided by eternity? How does the distance between your two goals strengthen and weaken you? How does the.distance between the points,vary, at given times. How do the two points youve chosen for your focii define your beautiful existence? What would it mean for you to embrace both spectrum points equally?

blessed be you all ;) happy thursday

♡ o and om

fantasy landscapes: frozen forever

dearest odyssians,

reminds me of home
reminds me of home

still cold out. not the deep freeze that we had a few days ago… but still not fun. this barren frozen planet sci fi scape really reminded me of home.

may you all be cozy in your beds as you dream tonite, in color of course!


love O & OM

amazing landscapes: white winter lines

Dear odyssians,


Its the dead of winter and im trying to get organized, like these snow lined trees.. Hoping I get everything in proper rows.
May you ask be blessed with b the gift of organization!

♡ o and om