Amazing nature landscapes: a place called hope

Dearest odyssians,


We hope you enjoy this highly interesting scifi illustration. A)it looks real.  B)what’s the guy or gal or alien doing in the pic? C)the name of the art is “planet of hope”. Why do you suppose? D&E) based on the name, How far is it from Earth? Is there bacardi silver there?
“Personally,  id settle for gold.  It is outer space, if you hadnt noticed.”-odie
“Hardly the case, oh wise sphynx.  That’s precisely why they better stock double and pay us triple.  Ain’t nobody got time for that (gold rum). And they best let us wash it all back with some real genuine American style Coca Cola. Or mutiny!!”-odiemama
“You still wouldnt go,  would you?” -odie
“Not an icecubes chance in hell. Aka : nope, never, no way” -odiemama.
“You’ve proven your worth as my human guardian once more. You have permission to Hold me “-odie
“No problem. “-odiemama

Nite folks,
Hugs,o & om

beautiful nature photos: encapsulated

dearest odyssians,

little sprout in a bubble
life encapsulated… now just hit spin cycle

new question: Am i always busy or am i just mismanaging my time? feeling like im on the hamster wheel of life next to a bigger hamster and that bigger hamster just keeps running and running…hes wearing a tshirt emblazoned with “c’est la vie” in big bold letters.  im trying to keep up, but feel im not doing a very good job. realization: i cant step off – proverbial wheel’s already going too fast. additional realization: if i just say “screw it” and stand still ill end up being stuck to the wheel by gravity and flipping around, over and over. neither is an option. gotta keep runnin til the big guy gets tired.

so im sending this message to the time gods. odie mama needs a whole week off to do nothing but “figure it out”. this only works if while im away the world  freezes.

til then: my wheels a turnin and my feet are a burnin…..

are any of you guys feeling this rat race thing going on?  maybe its a star sun moon earth planet space universal time galaxy alignment thing. cuz my life should be a breeze right now.

alrighty then. ill be ok. in time.

hugs, o and om

Amazing art nature landscapes: the portrayal of reality

Dearest odyssians,


Tonight we present definitive proof of the fantastic nature of our previous post’s photo. Its hard to believe either could, in fact, be real. But we would really love if the second photo were.


I actually really like both images. .. how about you? Real or fake..
Hugs all around
O and om